Yeah for Yoga, Lights and Turning!

On my last personal post, I told you that Max hadn’t turned yet. Well, after doing some research I read about several methods to help your baby turn if they are in the breech position.

First off, was certain yoga poses to help turn a breech baby. My favorite being going from a long downward dog and then going hanging out in the child’s pose with my butt up. Not only did Max move a lot but it really felt good to stretch. Also, bridge pose has always been one of my favorites so I was happy to have an excuse to have to do it all the time. I love the relief on my lower back as soon as I start to tilt my pelvis.

Also read that it was good to rest on your back with some pillows underneath. When I’m really stressed out, I find the easiest way for me to fall asleep is to lay in corpse pose and breathe. While pregnant with Milan, I didn’t worry about sleeping on my back at all because my doctor had told me that its not harmful for the baby, just that I might get out of breath. But with Max, I was so worried about it that I didn’t back sleep… except for the last two weeks. I did have a pillow under one butt cheek to make sure I didn’t lose my breath. So this was another easy thing I did… I also got much better sleep over the last two weeks!

Last but not least, last night I got on all fours, took a flashlight (torch for any of you Brits) and shone it on my lower pelvic area. I didn’t notice any movement, so I moved the flashlight to my belly button area, kept it there for a moment and then I felt Max move. Then I slowly moved the light down to my lower pelvic region. Within about 5 minutes, Max was sideways. He stayed that way. Eventually my hand got tired and I went to bed. After about 10 minutes of laying in bed, Max was moving so much that I got up on all fours (still in the bed) and I felt Max’s head go down!

He got the hiccups and I could feel them really low – a good sign that the head is down.

Today at the Dr.’s office, she felt around and she said that the bump up top felt like a butt! Then when she went to find the heartbeat it was low like it should be when the head is down. She decided to hold off on the ultrasound till next week because there’s still a chance that Max could move again, but I really believe that he’s going to be head down and all will be good!

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