Why I love my HE washing machine

I have never really like doing laundry (hence the piles of dirty clothes that many of my friends remember me for). I was reminded about how much I HATE doing laundry in a laundry mat after we moved into our new apartment.We do not have washer and dryer hookups!

I thought I was doomed to a life of quarters and frustration but my husband’s wonderful aunt told me about apartment/RV washer/dryer combos. My world became a happy place again.

While searching on craigslist.com, I came across a reasonably priced, used LG washer/dryer combo. Fortunately, we have just enough space between our toilet and the bath tub in the guest bathroom. We actually hesitated for a few moments, after all, who wants a washing machine sitting in their guest bathroom for guests to comment about. But then, my mind went immediately back to the laundromat. Images of carrying a toddler, laundry and (hopefully) a new baby made me cringe. Btw, I totally give props to all of the many moms out there that do this on a regular basis – more power to you!

Luckily, my husband doesn’t like the laundromat any more than I do, so he agreed to get the machine.

Now I must warn you, if like us, you intend on buying a used one and need to bring it up a few flights of stairs – be warned – these machines are HEAVY! I’m not talking, this is pretty inconvenient and I might feel it in my arms tomorrow. I’m talking, who do you know that is willing to work for food? People with bad backs do not apply!

Anyways, now that it is installed (that’s a whole other issue by the way) I am proud to admit that I actually enjoy doing laundry now. Maybe its because I still find it very cute to hang my little boy’s clothes up. Maybe its because I dread the laundromat. Either way, I am reformed.

I now do laundry every day – yes, every day! I do diapers every other day and if I have time, I’ll throw another load of laundry on.

First I’m gonna start with what I DON’T like:

  • These machines do, however, take an extremely long time as compared to the typical gi-nor-mous washing machines I’m used to.
  • They don’t hold a lot of laundry, so you do need to do more loads.
  • The dryer part – well, that’s kind of a joke. I’ve never actually let it run the 2 hours it needs to see if my clothes get dryer.
  • Being on a second floor, I am considerate of my neighbors and only do laundry during the day (starting after 10 cause one of my neighbors works nights)

Why I LOVE my machine:

  • I don’t have to go to a laundromat
  • I’m able to cloth diaper again
  • Small loads are not as daunting to fold and put away as big loads.
  • I’ve learned not to be so lazy about doing laundry
  • I air dry my clothes and they all feel so crisp and clean when they’re done
  • This machine is much gentler on our clothing
  • Uses less water
  • Uses less soap
  • No one that has come over even cares about the machine being in the bathroom. In fact, most of said its a very smart idea.

Now if you add up all of the money saved, its quite impressive:

  • Not using quarters at the laundromat – $25 / month
  • Cloth diapers instead of disposables – $40 / month
  • One box of soap a month (instead of 3)  – $20 / month
  • Not having to replace clothes as frequently since they last longer (not quite measurable as of yet)

So within 4 months, we’ll have more than paid for the machine since we got it used!

Despite these

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2 comments on “Why I love my HE washing machine
  1. What is the best HE detergent for front loading washers and are HE detergents really necessary?

  2. Wendy says:

    I don’t know what the “best” is but personally since I use cloth diapers on my child, I like Planet laundry powder.
    As for them being necessary, they really do clean better. With regular detergent, you’d have to use so little detergent that it most likely wouldn’t clean your clothes enough. If you use too much detergent, you’ll have too many suds and you’ll have to do repeated rinse cycles to get all the soap out.
    I’d stick with HE detergent!

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