What do I do with my 7 week old?

Since I got pregnant, just about everyone told me how hard the first 6 weeks were going to be. They were right. I ran on virtually no sleep, admonished myself to being a human pacifier and accepted the fact that the child I held in my arms would cry for no reason at all. So I was quite surprised when the 6th week came and went and I was kind of clueless as what to do with my little one.

Truthfully, the only real difference I saw was that he was awake for longer periods of time. Which only meant longer periods of time where I didn’t really know what to do with him. My only saving grace was that I could more or less distinguish his cries after watching the Dunsten Baby DVD (truly a godsend). Unfortunately, the DVD doesn’t cover every sound my LO made so I was still left feeling quite a bit frustrated and seriously doubting my capabilities of being a stay-at-home-mom.

I kept thinking the 7th week has got to be easier. Well, it was the same, except now he had even longer periods of wakefulness so I had more time to try and figure out how to sooth him. I tried a myriad of things as suggested on other websites and books.

These are the things that definitely did not work (at least on a consistent basis):

  • Tummy Time – lasts about 30 seconds and consists of our LO screaming like a little banshee
  • Listen for your newborn to make new sounds and imitate their sounds – There are 3 ear piercing screams now, all of which I don’t know what they mean. If I was to imitate them I think my neighbors would come running thinking that both of us were getting murdered.
  • Should be able to hold onto new objects – This only initiates one of the 3 new screams after a few moments of fussiness
  • Lay your child down on an activity mat – Also initiates screaming – usually 2 different types if I let it go more than 45 seconds
  • Read a simple book – doesn’t matter if the book is simple or not, he won’t sit still long enough for me to get through page one without crying.

These are the things that did work:

  • Wearing my baby and taking a walk – Personally I love the Moby Wrap
    . I could put him in it and we could walk any where even if its just to the front of the house or up and down the driveway.
  • Walking around and broadcasting – Looking at trees, plants, pictures around the house, he likes to hear me or anyone else talk.
  • Listen to music and dance around – My son is by far one of the best dancers – he never steps on my toes!

Now if you notice, everything that works with my son involves movement. On one hand, it gets very tiring having to move constantly. On the other hand, I lost the majority of my pregnancy weight by the end of week 7.

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One comment on “What do I do with my 7 week old?
  1. Auntie Mo says:

    Get that little one into sports or dance as soon as he can walk!!!!

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