To the well meaning mother of older children

Dear mom of older children,

While I appreciate your intention of telling me (repeatedly I might add) to enjoy my children, this has not been an enjoyable morning with those children. Having an overly tired, whiny 5½ year old start the morning off crying (and if you’ve ever heard him cry, you would understand why my nerves are shot by 8:30 when he’s only been awake for 25 minutes) and a now 3 year old who cries the second you put him down and will follow you around crying until you pick him up does not lend itself to an enjoyable morning.

Don’t get me wrong, before the 5½ year old woke up, the little one and I had a very lovely morning playing and being silly with each other. See look, I know how to enjoy spending time with my children.

I am NOT a morning person, and when my 5½ year old is tired he is far from being a morning child. And did I mention that I had to stay up super late working?

What you fail to see is that I am just a mom that needs to take those moments when my children are not looking at my face to release the tension so I do not release the tension on them. So if I’m walking fast in front of my child with the dual purpose of getting him to hurry up and thus not have to keep nagging at him to do so while being able to vent silently as I walk, please don’t stop to tell me to enjoy my children.

Your “kind” words kind of feel like I’m being scolded with a smile. I get that your children are grown, out of the house and you miss those young years. My younger son just turned 3 and I already miss those precious baby moments. You don’t have to remind/warn me of how in a blink of an eye My older son will be asking me for the car keys, then moving out of the house in the next blink.

Time is precious but cranky kid time is NOT precious and not enjoyable no matter how you try to spin it.


Just a mom having one of those mornings


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