Welcome to Holland

During Max’s therapy session on Monday, the therapist stopped and asked me how I was doing with everything. I told her that I was doing surprisingly quite well. I seem to have settled into the acceptance of everything.

She also asked if I have joined any support groups. I told her no. Its not that I have anything against them (I have been a part of several throughout my life – some of which have definitely helped me to be the person that I have become), but I’m living in a hopeful yet realistic state. I don’t want to go to a meeting and hear about another child that is doing exceptionally well… that would make me sad about what Max isn’t able to do and I know I would focus on what he isn’t doing. After all, he’s making progress every day. The progress isn’t fast but its steady. I also don’t want to hear about any kids that are doing worse than Max for fear that I will start focusing on what could go wrong.

I’m taking it day by day.

Then she asked me about “Welcome to Holland.” What’s that I ask? Its an awesome short essay by Emily Kingsley. Its such a powerful and concise read. She really hits the nail on the head.

So if you’re wondering what its like having a special needs child, please take the time to read it (my husband read it and he almost never reads anything).

Welcome to Holland by Emily Kingsley

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