We made a jellyfish

Jellyfish in a bottle from Bhoomplay's Blog

Photo from bhoomplay.wordpress.com

Saw this post about make a jellyfish in a bottle (see picture above) on Pinterest awhile back and today I thought was a perfect day to try it out. Its hot and any activity with water is a good thing. We tried to do this and it is pretty cool.

Even with instructions it took several tries to get it right. You’ll definitely want to use a smooth bottle (not one with ridges) in order to see the jellyfish inside. I could not make it work with string no matter how hard I tried. So I ended up using a twisty tie and that worked quite well.

Also, to make it a little more interesting (mostly because my jellyfish looked quite lame no matter what I did) we put food coloring in the water that we filled the jellyfish up with, too.  Although not a beauty, my picture does not actually do the jellyfish justice… it does look better in person.

Added bonus play: food coloring and water mixing fun!

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