Using filtered water on my face – Day 2

I did the same thing this morning as I wrote about in yesterday’s post (Day 1). Just like yesterday, my skin felt smoother and less irritated. I don’t have any new pimples popping up.

It is quite annoying using a pitcher of water to rinse your face. There just isn’t any easy way to rinse it. Also, the water is really cold which might be another reason why my skin is looking better too. I remember reading about how women in Sweden always splash cold water on their face when they first wake up in the morning. Since I need to put the oatmeal mask on my face, the first thing I do is splash the cold water on my face, too.

In addition, splashing cold water on your face after you wash is a good idea because it helps to close the pores after being opened by the warm water. Although I’m not actually washing my face with the warm water, the steam from the shower I’m sure opens them up.

So besides the extra time it takes to do this, its not too big of a deal and after only 2 days I’m already seeing a difference.

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