Using filtered water on my face – Day 1

After reading about how the chlorine content of our tap water could be causing my face to break out, I quickly ordered the Culligan ISH-100 Level 2 Inline Shower Filter from Amazon. After reading several suggestions on other websites, I also decided to stop washing my face in the shower until the filter gets here.

One of the things I read over and over again, was to not let any water get on your face when you are in the shower, although a couple of people found success just by splashing filtered water on their face after the shower. I’m so frustrated with the acne on my face that I really wanted to not let any shower water get on it. I came up with a solution…

The night before last, I filled up a 4 cup container with filtered water from our kitchen sink (we have a PUR 3-Stage Vertical Faucet Mount White FM-3400B). In the morning, before I got in the shower, I splashed my face with the filtered water. As I said in my previous posts about my acne, until we move, I’ve had beautiful skin. I’ve been using oatmeal flour to clean my face for years and years now. Oatmeal is really gentle, since it binds with the oils on your face without stripping the oils from your skin like most soaps do. So I put the oatmeal flour on my face like a mask and then hopped in the shower. When I got out I rinsed the oatmeal off my face using the filtered water.

I am so happy. My face felt smooth (like it did when we were in Israel) and it wasn’t all inflamed and irritated. I ran into the living room to show my husband, and he also noticed that my face wasn’t nearly as red as it usually was.

Now I’m really excited about getting the shower head filter. I don’t know if it filters water to the same point as the drinking water filter in the kitchen. But I am pretty confident at this point in time that the acne on my face is because of our tap water.

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