Update: I’m in the acceptance stage

Today was my grandpa’s funeral. I was not able to go.. it just didn’t make sense financially. We’re pretty strapped right now and airfare for me and my son would literally wipe out the little bit of savings that we have. I’d need to take my son because my husband works and I don’t have any family around that I could leave him with.

But to be honest, I was okay with not going. Funerals are for the living, the dead have already passed on. And for me to go would mean someone would have to drive a couple of hours to pick me up from the airport, we’d have to figure out somewhere for me to stay… and really, I don’t know how much support I could give to anyone since I’d be chasing after a toddler. And not to mention, I’m pregnant.

However, reading a post from my cousin today about grandpa’s funeral, I was truly touched. I realized that I had moved on and was now able to appreciate how much grandpa loved all of us. He was an incredible man. My cousin wrote it really well today, so I’m going to quote him:

“Attended funeral services for my grandpa today. The world has lost a great man. A WWII and Korean war veteran. This retired Marine of twenty years continued working for twenty more for Lockheed Martin. He finished up with more than ten thousand volunteer hours with the Maryland State Police. He set many standards and touched many more lives. I will miss you, Grandpa.”


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