Turn, baby, turn

Had my 34 week appointment today and Max is in the breech position. I don’t remember if this happened or not with Milan. I kind of remember it, but I kind of remember that he turned before it was an issue.

So I started doing yoga today. I really should’ve been doing it all along on a regular basis like I did when I was pregnant with Milan. But of course, I made excuses and life got in the way. Literally about 5 minutes after I did the yoga, Max started moving up a storm. Whether or not it works, I’m glad I’m doing it because at least I feel like I am doing something proactive to help him turn!

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2 comments on “Turn, baby, turn
  1. Paulette says:

    Samantha was breech at 36 weeks. I had an external cephalic version done by my OB and poof she popped in place and stayed that way until I delivered vaginally – no complications whatsoever. message me if you have questions, another one of my friends had it done too and her baby also turned. will be thinking about you!!

  2. Jacquie F. says:

    James moves up a storm when I do my yoga too 🙂 I didn’t realize how close our due dates are! My 34 week appt is Monday. Love your site!! xo

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