Trying to do a summer school schedule

Now that my son is on summer break, he wakes up every morning and asks me what we are doing that day. I realize it is definitely time to get a calender and get organized. I found a calender I really like on Amazon (Smethport Calendar Pocket Chart (English/Spanish)) and I’m hoping this will help my son start to understand days, weeks, etc.

At the very least, hopefully he’ll understand the difference between yesterday, today & tomorrow. Right now he says yesterday for anything that has happened whether it be yesterday, last week or earlier that morning. At least he understands that yesterday has already happened.

I love how a little toddler mind thinks. They’re so brave and have no insecurities when it comes to taking a chance when speaking. My mother-in-law (she’s from Israel) speaks English REALLY well but she is so worried about making a mistake that she often doesn’t engage in conversations with people. Besides the occasional vocabulary word, I’ve always been able to understand everything she has said. My son on the other hand has not mastered the English language yet he is fearless when it comes to his speaking. I definitely think we should take cues from our youngsters and remember to be fearless!

Back to the calender…

I’m aiming to do a field trip every Wednesday, an art “class” every Thursday and I really don’t know what else to do on the other days. We definitely have to keep busy because we’ll drive each other nuts if we stay inside too much. Maybe just getting the calender will spark some ideas.

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