Today is my mom’s birthday

My mom died in 1987 and I have since spent more than half of my life without her. You’d think I’d be used to her birthday coming and going, but I woke up this morning wishing I could give her a call and wish her a happy birthday.

I know that there is never a good time to lose your mom but I wish she could have met my husband and my son. It makes me sad when I think about how they will never have a chance to meet. My son will never know how comforting it is to be in her arms or be able to be spoiled rotten by her (as all grandparents do).

There are so many things about who I am that come from my mom – either by genes or by her raising me. I laugh like her, I have the same smile that she did, I stand with my arms at my side in a funny way that my mom used to do, too, I look for the good in every situation because she showed me how to find it… the list goes on and on.

My mom was not perfect but she was a really, really good person. I learned so much from her example  ~  Thanks for everything ~ I love you mom!

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