The First Feeding

Throughout my pregnancy and early motherhood, I have trusted my instincts and my research. However, when it came to feeding our son, I did everything by the book…

  • We waited until he was 6 months old
  • We waited until he saw the pediatrician and he gave the go ahead
  • We started with brown rice cereal

I made the rice cereal myself by grinding organic brown rice till it was a fine powder and then adding the breast milk.  We wanted both of us to be there for this momentous occasion so we prepared it in the morning. Of course, our little one would have nothing of it.  We tried but he kept spitting it out.  But that is to be expected. We both tasted it out of curiosity and it tasted like watery milk rice.

I started to doubt myself and thought that maybe I should have gotten commercial rice cereal. Maybe I didn’t get the rice ground fine enough. So that night, we went and bought some commercial organic brown rice cereal. The only difference between the commercial rice cereal and the one I made is that it takes less time to prepare. The one I made is definitely less money!

The second feeding of the rice cereal went pretty much the same as the first one. Our son wouldn’t take it. He made faces, spit it out and moved his head away.

Maybe he’ll learn to like it. Maybe he’s like me who doesn’t really like rice unless its covered with something else that tastes yummy. I guess time will tell.

But if he doesn’t attempt to eat it tomorrow, I’m going with veggies – after all they were my favorite as a kid!

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