The BEST diaper rash ointment

My poor baby has had some seriously bad luck when it comes to getting stomach viruses. Needless to say having a good diaper rash cream has been essential in this household. I’ve tried them all – Boudreaux’s, Desitin, Aveeno, etc. I’ve tried all kinds of oils – coconut (which is my favorite for mild diaper rash), olive, peanut, etc. etc. etc.

Sadly, there were a couple of occasions when nothing was helping. I was talking to one of the other mom’s at my older son’s school and she said she found some stuff that people use on cows but she couldn’t remember the name. A big ole bell went off in my head – she was talking about Bag Balm! How could I have forgotten about it? It was the only stuff that healed my cracked, bleeding skin when I was on Accutane.

Bag Balm

My husband was very skeptical about it but after just one use we couldn’t believe how well it worked (well, actually I could – I’m telling you this stuff does miracles on wrecked skin). It was developed to heal the udders on cows that were sore from milking.

The only gripe I have with it is that its not good for cloth diapering, but with some diaper liners  and stripping of the diapers it is manageable. Actually, I use old t-shirts that I was going to use for rags and cut them into diaper liners. I either toss them in the laundry with my other rags or just toss them in the trash.

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