Thankful for my life as it is

I just finished reading a heart felt post: The Moment I Realized Our Struggles Weren’t Going Away. In reading it, I hear some of the echoes of much of my life. Worked hard, got a good job, made good money – now its gone. Same with my husband. Since my husband and I got married we have endured 3 pay cuts and many, many cut backs in our lifestyle.

Gone are the days of pretty hair, nice clothes & expensive shoes!

But I couldn’t be happier.

I have 2 beautiful boys and an awesome husband and a cute little dog to round out the picture. Despite our meager earnings, my husband and I do not fight, argue or bicker about money. Either its there or its not but either way it is not something we fight about. Although, I must admit that on occasion I do find myself getting  snappy with him when I feel the crunch of the bottom line (or lack there of). My husband has relinquished the reigns of the finances to me. For us, it just makes sense. I do the shopping, stay home with the kids and I don’t mind balancing the books every few days. My husband works 6 days a week and is exhausted when he gets home. The last thing he wants to do is think about paying bills. On occasion, I bring him into the loop when I need help prioritizing the direction of the funds we have. I think there is also a subconscious desire to bring him in  the loop to remind him of how much I do.

Despite not being able to spend money on some niceties, I do feel like we live a very full, loving life.

My boys all wear hand me down, thrift store, garage sale clothing with a sprinkling of new outfits that were given as gifts. Their toys are usually given as gifts or also hand me downs. On occasion, I’ll splurge and by him (Milan only at this point – Max hasn’t needed anything yet) something used from Craigslist. We get lots of books from other kids, too. They may not be new, but those items all come with love.

I have a good memory, so when I get my boys dressed, I remember who gave us the outfit. When they read a book, I’m reminded of the friend that passed it along. When Milan is rediscovering a newly found toy, I remember the look on his face when he saw it for the first time. These moments happen every day and every day I am reminded of the many wonderful people in our lives. These moments remind me that I am not alone in this journey of motherhood. There is an army of friends out there that fill our days and lives with so much joy – even when they don’t even realize it.

Yes, there is no doubt that life would be easier if there was more income. But I’m so thankful for this time without an abundance of money because it has caused me (and my family) to focus on what is really important to us. I hope that in the future, when the purse strings are not so tight (yes, I’m an eternal optimist), our funds will be directed towards joy. Vacations, visiting family, cultural events and things that enlighten us as individuals and keep us being a close knit family.

That is our future. But life is good right now, too!


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