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Fresh Strawberry Lemonade

Its summertime and what says summer more than lemonade? And since we live in California, strawberries are a summertime staple (well, actually nearly all year here). One of my lovely neighbors dropped off a huge bag of lemons so of course,

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Crock pot Spinach Lasagna

Our family loves lasagna, in particular spinach lasagna. My son gobbles spinach lasagna up like nothing else. Although lasagna is really easy to make, I often don’t have the time to be at home right before dinner time to get

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Marscapone Cream Sauce

While at Trader Joe’s, I saw some lobster ravioli. Of course I snatched it up. But when I got it home, I really didn’t know what kind of sauce I should use with it. After several days of deliberation, I

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Easy Lasagna

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’ve been making lasagna for years. My mom taught me when I was about 10. I’ve varied my recipe throughout the years but this is my basic recipe that I follow. I use all

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Chicken and Dumplings

I’m really on a crock pot kick these days. Last night I made chicken and dumplings. It was my favorite thing that my grandma used to always make. I searched for a good recipe, but couldn’t find one that I

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Crock Pot Stuffed Bell Peppers

I’ve been playing around with stuffed bell pepper recipes for quite awhile. I normally cook them in the oven, but recently I’ve been trying to use my crock pot more often. As a mom, I find it to be absolutely

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Prep your vegetables ahead of time

While talking with a group of mommies today, I was shocked to learn that they didn’t know that they could prep their vegetables ahead of time. So of course, I thought I’d share this on the blogosphere for all the

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Quick Black Bean Curry

I desperately need to go get some groceries. Luckily, we’re going tomorrow. But tonight dinner was an on-the-fly creation that ended up quite good. We had some dumplings/gyoza from Trader Joe’s in the freezer so we knew that that would

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