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Magnesium for back pain and muscle cramps

(This was sitting in my drafts since Sept 8. 2009! Finally decided to finish this) Many moons ago I was in a car accident and over time my spine became misaligned. Therefore, I have had major issues with sciatic nerve

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Autism, Vaccines & Pitocin

I took a parenting & birthing class while I was pregnant.  I had done some research on Autism, Vaccines and Pitocin so I typed it up for my classmates.  Because this was a hand out I didn’t include the references,

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My Delivery Story

I had this beautiful day all planned out in my mind. For the most part, everything happened exactly how we ordered it… But the rest of it didn’t go exactly as planned.

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Essential Pregnancy Items

Although every woman and each pregnancy are different, the following is a list of the items that I found essential for my well-being (physical, mental, emotional or otherwise) during my pregnancy. Water – I know this might seem obvious but

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Recommended DVD’s

Between the books and the myriad of weekly newsletters from websites that I read , I still have this crazy thirst for knowledge. Unfortunately, my husband is not as avid a reader as I am. But I still wanted him

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Fish Oil, Omega-3, DHA: Hype or good for us?

Over the years there has always been so much hype over each new health “discovery.” I remember in college when the low to no sugar diet was supposed to help you lose weight, lower your risk of diabetes and help

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Westside Pregnancy Clinic

When my husband and I took the pregnancy test and it came back positive I was absolutely elated. But as I laid down and tried to sleep that night, terror took over… I remembered I didn’t have health insurance. Getting

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