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Pacifier: Update

First off, we use the pacifier for more than naps and bed time. Our DS has such a fierce need to suck it just didn’t make sense to have him be so unhappy when the pacifier really does calm him down.

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Essential Newborn Items

Obviously, every baby needs clothing, diapers (cloth or disposable) and a place to sleep.  But there are some other items that make our lives easier.  These are some of mine: Basic Cloth Diapers – Even if you are planning on

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What do I do with my 7 week old?

Since I got pregnant, just about everyone told me how hard the first 6 weeks were going to be. They were right. I ran on virtually no sleep, admonished myself to being a human pacifier and accepted the fact that

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Cloth-Eez Prefolds

There is a reason why these are the #1 rated prefolds on – they are the best! Not only are they extremely absorbent, but they fit wonderfully. After trying about 5 different types of prefolds, I will never buy

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Cloth Diapering a Newborn

I thought after reading review after review, I thought I had it all figured out. I was sort of right. I just didn’t plan on giving birth to a poop machine. Our DS pooped at least 8 times a day,

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Pacifier: To use or not to use?

The thought of my child still sucking on a pacifier at 4 years old was enough for me to never want to use one. That is until my DS just wouldn’t settle down one night to go to sleep. So

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