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Potty training your infant

While at a play date at a park with my mommy group, Milan signaled to me that he wanted to go home so he could use the potty. I mentioned this to the other mothers and one of them looked

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The little amount of cinnamon that you add won’t do any harm. It just might help a little.

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Favorite Baby Shower Gifts

I’m a research junky, so I thought I knew exactly what I needed. In general, I was right (check out my Breastfeeding Essentials List, Newborn Essentials List and Favorite Items for Feeding Baby).  But luckily, some other savvy moms knew

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Sweet potatoes, sweet potates and more sweet potatoes

So far, I have learned 3 things while feeding my son: There is a reason why we got so many bibs from people. They really are useful and they make a great chew toy while my son is eating. If

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Gone Bananas

After a few weeks of of trying to feed our munchkin solid foods and only having success with sweet potatoes and carrots, we decided to try bananas.  By far my son’s favorite food. I think its kind of funny that

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Sweet Success with Sweet Potatoes

The last couple of days I’ve been trying to get my beloved son to eat rice cereal. I finally listened to my inner voice. It was screaming at me to stop torturing your son and feed him sweet potatoes. Success!

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The First Feeding

Throughout my pregnancy and early motherhood, I have trusted my instincts and my research. However, when it came to feeding our son, I did everything by the book… We waited until he was 6 months old We waited until he

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Loving new baby nail clippers

After the nail clipping debaucle almost 4 months ago, I have still been very hesitant about clipping our son’s nails. He has such a loud scream that the thought of going through that again almost brought me to tears. However,

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DS 6 Month Update

Went for DS’ 6 month appointment today and here is a brief recap of his milestones: Its official – we can give him solid food. I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile. How I’ve known he’s been ready: Sleep

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DS first tooth

My son has never been a good sleeper. Well, actually, he sleeps good, just not for long stretches at a time. We’ve only once gotten 7 hours and we consider ourselves lucky when we get 5 hours straight. However, the

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