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Magnesium for back pain and muscle cramps

(This was sitting in my drafts since Sept 8. 2009! Finally decided to finish this) Many moons ago I was in a car accident and over time my spine became misaligned. Therefore, I have had major issues with sciatic nerve

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Pitocin and Autism

I was watching the news and there was a teaser about a jaundice and autism link. After reviewing the “study”, it is inconclusive and also contradictory to several other studies that have previously explored this link. After reading up on

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Mercury, lead and placenta used in some makeup

The Skin Deep Cosmetic Database is awesome source whenever you’re thinking about trying a new line of beauty products. While I was on there trying to decide between the Korres Mascara & the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! Natural Mascara, I

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Which organic foods should you buy

By now, we should all know that buying organic food is best. But having a baby ain’t cheap. I try to balance it by buying organic foods that I know contain the most pesticides when grown commercially. Luckily, the Environmental

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Stop using Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo

While I was pregnant, I learned that the “tear free” ingredient in most baby shampoos and in particular, Johnson & Johnson, was a numbing agent. Basically, the baby doesn’t feel that his or her eyes are being burned by the

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The little amount of cinnamon that you add won’t do any harm. It just might help a little.

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ACV and acne

Since our skin is our biggest organ it would make sense that ACV would help clear up the acne, too!

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Happy Baby Workout

Living in LA I have access to hundreds, if not thousands, of opportunities and classes to go with my child. However, what I need the most is a good workout I can do at home without having to pay money

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Loving new baby nail clippers

After the nail clipping debaucle almost 4 months ago, I have still been very hesitant about clipping our son’s nails. He has such a loud scream that the thought of going through that again almost brought me to tears. However,

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My Favorite Green Cleaning Supplies

In my quest to have a green home (or at least as green as possible), I’ve tried out MANY different types of green cleaning supplies. Some have worked, some definitely have not.  Here is my list of green cleaning supplies

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