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Toddler Place Mat

One of our favorite purchases since Milan has been eating solid foods is the Summer Infant Tiny Diner place mat. If you have a messy eater (and what baby isn’t messy?) then this is a must have! The suction cups

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Suction bowls and plates

A few months ago, Milan decided it was so much fun to dump the contents of his bowl on the floor. Thus began my search for a good suction bowl or plate. The following are the three that we purchased:

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Snack Cups

Since our little munchkin is all about the snacks, we found snack cups to be indispensable. The two best snack cups on the market for toddlers are the Made For Mom Snack Trap and the Munchkin Snack Catchers. Both have

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The little amount of cinnamon that you add won’t do any harm. It just might help a little.

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Baby Feeding Bags

I’m not really a paranoid mom, but I do want to keep my baby safe from choking. So I love all of the mesh feeder bags out there. After trying nearly all of them, I thought I’d share my opinion.

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Favorite items for feeding baby

Now that its been a couple of months, I’d like to share some of my favorite items used in feeding my child. Baby Feeding Bags – see my article for reviews and why I like them so much. Soft-Tip Infant

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Feeding Baby First Foods – Part II

At the 6 month checkup, the pediatrician said that we were good to go and we could start feeding our son solid foods. He gave us a handout with some information on it. Of course I read it as soon

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Feeding baby first foods

After our first attempts at feeding our son rice cereal and then oatmeal and him refusing both, I was quite happy to learn that there are other foods that you can give your baby to begin with. Also, there is

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Sweet potatoes, sweet potates and more sweet potatoes

So far, I have learned 3 things while feeding my son: There is a reason why we got so many bibs from people. They really are useful and they make a great chew toy while my son is eating. If

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Gone Bananas

After a few weeks of of trying to feed our munchkin solid foods and only having success with sweet potatoes and carrots, we decided to try bananas.  By far my son’s favorite food. I think its kind of funny that

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