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Feeding baby first foods

After our first attempts at feeding our son rice cereal and then oatmeal and him refusing both, I was quite happy to learn that there are other foods that you can give your baby to begin with. Also, there is

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Sweet potatoes, sweet potates and more sweet potatoes

So far, I have learned 3 things while feeding my son: There is a reason why we got so many bibs from people. They really are useful and they make a great chew toy while my son is eating. If

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Gone Bananas

After a few weeks of of trying to feed our munchkin solid foods and only having success with sweet potatoes and carrots, we decided to try bananas.  By far my son’s favorite food. I think its kind of funny that

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Sweet Success with Sweet Potatoes

The last couple of days I’ve been trying to get my beloved son to eat rice cereal. I finally listened to my inner voice. It was screaming at me to stop torturing your son and feed him sweet potatoes. Success!

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