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Stop using Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo

While I was pregnant, I learned that the “tear free” ingredient in most baby shampoos and in particular, Johnson & Johnson, was a numbing agent. Basically, the baby doesn’t feel that his or her eyes are being burned by the

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ACV and acne

Since our skin is our biggest organ it would make sense that ACV would help clear up the acne, too!

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At Home Facial

Ingredients: Cleanser/exfoliant 1 tsp          ground oatmeal 1 tsp          baking soda Mask 1 tbsp        honey (preferably raw) 1 tsp          powdered milk 1 tsp          ground oatmeal ½ tsp         turmeric (it’s a spice – you can find it in

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Natural Face Mask

While in my quest for having a healthy environment, I decided to begin by reducing (the first R of the 3 R’s in going green) my dependency on petroleum based products.

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No Poo for Me

I realized that EVERY hair product I was using had either one of the top 10 worst ingredients and/or it was chock full of petroleum based ingredients. Then I learned about going no poo…

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