Sweet Success with Sweet Potatoes

The last couple of days I’ve been trying to get my beloved son to eat rice cereal. I finally listened to my inner voice. It was screaming at me to stop torturing your son and feed him sweet potatoes.

Success! Turns out that sweet potatoes and my son go very well together. I guess that’s why its a favorite first food of so many.

As a child, I really didn’t like rice cereal. As an adult, I still don’t like rice cereal. But my husband LOVES rice so I assumed my son would to.

My suggestion to you is remember that your child is half you. If you didn’t like something as a child, your child might not either. But do remember that just because you didn’t like something doesn’t guarantee that your child won’t either.

Also, keep in mind that a mother’s instincts are pretty darn powerful. Listen to them. There’s a reason the saying “mom knows best” has survived for so long.

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