Suction bowls and plates

A few months ago, Milan decided it was so much fun to dump the contents of his bowl on the floor. Thus began my search for a good suction bowl or plate. The following are the three that we purchased:

Sassy On The Go Snack Bowl Set

Of the three, this one is our favorite set. The only review of it on Amazon said they had problems with the suction thing, but its the main reason I like this set. First, the suction actually works. I like the fact that it is removable, particularly because I like to use the bowls to take with us, too. I’ve never put the suction part or the lids in the microwave, but the bowls are microwave safe. We use it a lot to make pastina with spaghetti sauce for Milan. The bowls stack nicely inside of each other for storing, too.

We do like the fun colors. The bright colors make them easy to spot when we’re digging through the diaper bag or our drawer in the kitchen. The lids fit nicely and haven’t had a problem putting them on. They’ve also never come off inside the diaper bag which is always a good thing.
One thing I do have to remember is to put the tab for removing the suction base in the back. If I put it on the side, my son quickly pulls the bowl off the table. Also, it stays on a lot longer if there is some moisture on the tray. That really isn’t a problem, because I’m usually washing the tray before he eats anyways.


Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowl, 3 Pack

These worked great for about a month. I made the mistake of taking one of them in the bag with me and the suction got completely ruined. I’ve never been able to get it to work again. However, it is more convenient to have suction bases on each of the cups. But I found the suction wasn’t as strong as on the Sassy bowls. Also, the lids didn’t fit as nicely as they do on the Sassy bowls. Just like the Sassy bowls, they are fun colors and easy to spot in a diaper bag.


Gerber Lil’ Trainer Tableware Set

This is such a cute set and I really wanted to like it but I don’t. As a suction bowl/plate this sucks. DO NOT buy this if you are wanting the suction feature. The suction part comes off and no matter what I’ve tried (running it under hot water, putting it in the fridge, putting it in the dishwasher) I cannot get the ring to stay on the plate.

The food guard is the only thing I like about it. Milan does have an easier time getting things on to his spoon with the guard. But he doesn’t really like the spoon or fork. They look cute but they’re not the right ones for him. He actually really likes the OXO Tot Fork and Spoon or some inexpensive ones we picked up at Babies’R’Us.


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One comment on “Suction bowls and plates
  1. Ami says:

    I completely agree with the Gerber and and Munchkin posts. What a load of useless stuff! I do like the spoon and fork set that came with the Gerber suction plate though. I’ll have to give the Sassy ones a try. Our daughter is 15 months, and a quality suction bowl/plate could really come in handy!

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