Solution to getting a piece of jewelry on the verge of going down the drain

While at Christmas dinner tonight, my cousin’s wife and I were talking about losing jewelry. I mentioned to her how I almost lost one of my (tiny) diamond earrings. The back had fallen off and I couldn’t find it. The next morning when I went to get in the shower, I noticed it teetering on the edge of the drain, just barely keeping from falling down.

I knew that my clumsy fingers were sure to knock it down the drain, after all I was never really great at the game Operation (although I wasn’t bad at Perfection). So instead of panicking, I grabbed some really sticky packing tape, tore off a piece, held it so bowed out and picked up the earring with the tape. I’m sure duct tape would’ve worked quite well, too.

Hopefully you’ll never have to worry about a piece of jewelry teetering on the edge of a drain, but if you do maybe this will help you out.

NOTE: I do not think the tape method would work well for a heavy piece of jewelry.

DISCLAIMER:  If you do try this and the piece of jewelry goes down the drain, I am not liable.

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