Sleeping Update

My son goes to sleep with relative ease these days. He only cries for about 5 minutes when we put him down. We have even had many days without a peep.

We definitely have our night time routine down and we only venture off the schedule by 30 minutes in either direction. However, if our son is REALLY tired, we will put him to bed sooner.

The following is our night time schedule:

6:30  Dinner

7:00  Bath time

7:20  Get ready for bed, crawl around a little to burn off the last little bit of energy

7:30 Story time, nurse if needed

7:45 Bed

On the nights that little munchkin is too tired this is how we modify our routine:

  • He’ll eat as close to 6 as possible
  • Bath time is only about 5 minutes (I’ll usually just take him into the shower to rinse off whatever grime is left on his little body)
  • Quick getting dressed
  • We’ve memorized the book “Night-Night, Little Pookie” by Sandra Boynton so on the nights he’s tired, we just say it to him as we put him to bed
  • In bed by 6:45 or so
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