Sippy Cup drawer organization

Pinterest may be a bit of a time sucker, but it sure is motivating!  After seeing the post “Organizing the Sippy Cup Drawer ” on Delightful Order I actually got off my but and organized the drawer. It really had been bothering me for a LONG time. And since my baby will be making his appearance sometime over the next month or so, its definitely time to get everything in order.

I had several baskets lying around and tried many combinations, but I just couldn’t get everything to fit in a way that made sense. So I used the next best thing… empty tissue boxes, baby wipes container, chocolate milk mix container and some cardboard.  It may not look pretty, but it sure is nice to open the drawer and see everything in its place.

My son actually squealed when he opened the drawer this morning. “Momma, momma Oook! Its clean!” He helped me put away the dishes today and insisted on putting away everything in his drawer. He got everything in the right spot so I’m definitely considering this organization project a success!

I do realize that we have a lot of cups, but most of them don’t stack and I’m not really a fan of cleaning the same cup over and over throughout the day. Also, I’ve started working with my son to put his cup and dishes in the sink when he’s done. Thus, lots of cups. Lots of bowls and plates for that matter, too.

If this system works well for a period of time, I’ll cover everything with contact paper. But before I put in the extra effort, I want to test it out. So far so good. And no matter what, it was definitely better than what it was… darn, should’ve taken a before photo!


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