Silikids Silipads – Knee pads for toddlers

In the blog post about my favorite baby shower gifts, I mentioned the Silikids Silipads. We still love them! The reviews on don’t show that favorable, but I must whole-heartedly disagree.

It is true that sometimes they slip around. But just like a bib, socks, pacifier clip or anything else slightly removable sometimes you just need to readjust. I can’t imagine there being any product that would stay completely on crawling babies knees. Even pants move around.

With that said, these pads are awesome! My son LOVES to climb up the three flights of stairs to our apartment. Don’t worry, I stand right behind him while he’s going up… just in case. But the stairs are outside and they are made of cement and rocks. Not very comfortable for little knees. Not very good for pants either.

We’ve only used the Silikids Silipads inside on our wood floors. But today it was so hot, I didn’t want to put him in pants. So I dressed him in a cute little romper and put the pads on.  Today when Milan went to crawl up the stairs he stopped crawling, pointed at the knee pads, pointed at the stairs and then back at his knees. He was all smiley. He climbed another step, pointed at his knees and smiled. Then he took off going up the stairs like a rocket. I guess the only thing that had been keeping him from going warp speed was the discomfort. Don’t get me wrong, he was climbing the stairs very quickly before – he’s a REALLY fast crawler.

So if you have a crawler and its hot, I highly recommend these.  Also, if your baby is like mine… taking awhile before walking (thus not truly a toddler), then you’ll be thankful for these. They really help save some of the wear and tear on your toddler’s pants.


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