Bummed we have no doorways


My son and I spent the day with my good friend the other day. She had just gotten a Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper for her daughter. When we got there, the daughter was asleep so my 7 month old son played in the jumper while we waited for her to wake up. He LOVED it! I also really like this one because of the hanging toys. Some might think it is  a little girly, but I personally don’t care about that stuff. My son is a boy and playing with “girl” toys won’t change that.

Whenever he needed a break, he’d stop and look at himself in the mirror or start chomping on one of the toys. My friend and I got to talk without interruption. It was truly wonderful.

It was also very easy to adjust and move. My friend had it too close to the edge of the door and there were some items hanging near by. She just took a moment and undid it, moved it and tightened it back up again. It was also, relatively easy to adjust the height. You should not adjust this with the baby in it unless you have someone there to be holding the baby.

We live in a very uniquely built house with arched doorways and an open plan.  The only two doorways we have are our front door and the bathroom door. Both door jams are uneven and not very good for a baby. Guess we’ll just have to wait until we visit our friends again.

Maybe we’ll have doorways in the next place we live for our next child.

UPDATE:  We moved and have a doorway. Our little munchkin used to play in this every day. Its an easy place to put your child when you need to use the bathroom – that’s when he used it the most.


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