Dunstan Baby DVD

I used to babysit when I was in high school so I have a fair amount of experience with babies just not newborns. So when I sat at home those first couple of weeks wondering what on earth this little bundle was trying to communicate with me – I basically cried or laughed (yes, I have a tendency to laugh at my child when he’s really frustrated – he really is quite funny).

When my good friend calmly told me that there was a DVD that explained the different cries of a baby, I kind of chuckled. Imagine my delight when I realized she was serious… there is such a DVD! Dunstan Baby Language is an absolute godsend.

After learning about the video, I kind of remember seeing it on Oprah but that was long before I was thinking about having a child. Created by Priscilla Dunstan, a musical genius that has a photographic memory for sounds, and based on 8 years of research this DVD breaks down the 5 basic sounds that newborns use to communicate.

I was really impressed by the accuracy of this video in relation to my own child. I highly recommend this DVD!


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