Remove permanent marker from wood floor with eraser

Unbeknownst to me, a permanent marker had ended up in my son’s crayon bin. While I was on the phone, I handed him his crayons and a coloring book and let him have at it (otherwise he stands and cries to talk to the person – in this case insurance company thus the coloring books). He frequently colors the hardwood floor – accidentally or on purpose – not sure which, but I don’t fret because the crayon comes right off. So when I hung up the phone, my son joyfully exclaims “look mommy!” as he points at the marks he just made on the floor.

Luckily after a quick search I found a tip for removing  permanent markers with an eraser! It works!

At least it did for our finished hardwood floors. It took a little elbow grease but I got out the marks with the exception of a dent in the floor, that is now colored brown. How lucky was I that it was a brown permanent marker? Speaking of luck, my son showed me all the places he drew on the floor… he really was quite proud! Maybe I should’ve been mad, but how do you get mad at a 2 year old for discovering the joys of coloring with a pen?! Glad the crisis was remedied… and quite easily for that matter.

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