Refrigerator Organization Update

Thought I’d give an update on my refrigerator organization. You’ll be happy to know that its STILL ORGANIZED!

I really am quite surprised. I’m good at keeping things organized, but I have a toddler and a husband and they have managed to keep everything organized too!.

Biggest areas that surprised me:

  1. Leftover shelf. I thought this was never going to stay like this but it has. Its been so easy to keep my fridge cleaned out on a weekly basis. I’ve been writing the dates on the leftover containers either with markers or dry-erase crayons that I keep in our utility drawer (aka junk drawer) in the kitchen. A couple of times, the leftover shelf got way overloaded. But the cool thing was, I didn’t have to dig through the fridge to see if anything was lurking in the depths and becoming a science project. Everything was right on the shelf.
  2. Meat bin. Seems simple but there have been a few spills and having all the meat in a plastic container rather than the drawer has made clean up easier and thus not avoided. Simple idea, big pay off.
  3. My son’s section. Milan loves being able to go and get his snacks on his own. And when I remember to cut up the fruit and put it in containers ready for him he eats it first. He goes every day and gets his vitamins… and puts them back! If we’re running late (which is almost every day) he’ll often grab his own snack for school because he can. If you have a toddler/child/big kid and don’t have a section set up for just him/her, I highly recommend doing it.
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