Potty training your infant

While at a play date at a park with my mommy group, Milan signaled to me that he wanted to go home so he could use the potty. I mentioned this to the other mothers and one of them looked at me like I was crazy. I told Milan that we weren’t going home yet, so he crawled back over to the sand box (he had crawled over to the stroller because he wanted to leave). A few moments after crawling over, he went poop.

I pointed it out to the mom and she couldn’t believe that I knew that he had to go. I didn’t know, Milan told me.

Since Milan was a little baby, he’s been using his potty. How little you ask? The first time he went potty it was over a sink in the hospital. Yes, he was only 1 day old.

Of course, I had read all about “infant potty training” and had decided to give it a try. We registered for the Fisher-Price Precious Planet Potty, Froggy Friend and got it before he was born. We’ve been putting him over his potty every day since he came home from the hospital. We put the removable bucket on the changing table. So whenever we changed Milan’s diaper, we’d put him over the bucket – at least when we remembered to. At the beginning, we’d be lucky if we caught a poop. Mostly we just caught some pee.

We’re not crazy about it. There have been some days that either I forget or we’re just so busy running around that I don’t get a chance to get Milan on the toilet. But Milan does go to the bathroom in his potty nearly every day. In fact, the days when we are at home all day, we barely have a dirty diaper – maybe about 2 or 3 pee diapers.

He’s got a pretty regular bathroom schedule. About 20 minutes after waking, we put him on the potty. 90% of the time he goes poop. Luckily, now that he’s older and he gets the idea of it, he points up in the air and grunts. That’s his signal for me. I try my best to pay attention, sometimes I don’t realize that’s what he’s telling me. When that happens, he goes in his diaper. Its really not a big deal.

I have shared my potty learning experiences with several moms in my mommy group. They have tried it and they, too, have had success. I don’t look at it as an all or nothing situation. But it is nice that at 14 months, I’m rarely changing poopy diapers.

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