Pitocin and Autism

I was watching the news and there was a teaser about a jaundice and autism link. After reviewing the “study”, it is inconclusive and also contradictory to several other studies that have previously explored this link.

After reading up on the “jaundice link” I continued to to see if I could find any more information about Pitocin and Autism. I came across an interesting article: A Possible Link Between Childhood Autism and Pitocin | Houston Birth Doula.

While I was pregnant, I came across some preliminary research that showed there could be a link between Pitocin and Autism. All of the top scientists do agree on one thing, many cases are genetic but there is such a steep increase in Autism that it can’t all be related to genetics.

Yes, it is true that we have much better testing thus many more cases are being diagnosed. But that doesn’t account for the sharp incline. It also doesn’t account for why it is much more common in boys instead of girls. Of all of the theories I have heard, the Pitocin link seems to make the most sense.

Whether or not you think that Pitocin is the sole cause of Autism, I do feel that just like all medications, the risks should be assessed. There are of course some really good reasons to use Pitocin, but it shouldn’t necessarily be given out haphazardly. There just isn’t enough research to prove that its harmful or to prove that its 100% safe.

Obviously, this is all just my own observations and I haven’t done any major scientific research to back up these conclusions. I just feel that Autism is a genetic disorder that is triggered by some environmental factor. I think Pitocin could be one of probably several.

No one would argue that clean food (free of pesticides and preservatives) and a clean environment (don’t even get me started on chemicals and our environment) is beneficial to everyone.  Why is there always so much push back when we, the public, question the chemicals that are being put into our children? Our modern medicines are chemically based. Is it so wrong to wonder if they could be causing a problem?

The medical community has made mistakes in the past when it comes to pregnancy. Just take a look at x-rays, Thalidomide and Cytotec. Pitocin was never approved for the majority of the current doses that are being administered now. More is not always better.

Melissa of the Mothers of Change blog wrote about this subject, too  – If you found this article interesting, you’ll definitely find hers to be, too. Mothers of Change: Pitocin and Autism. Is there a link?.

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