Physical Therapy Eval today

Max had his physical therapy evaluation today. It went well. It was basically a meeting to get the therapist up to speed with where Max was at.  One of my favorite questions she asked was what do you think Max is really good at and what do you think he needs help with. I liked this because from what I’ve read, its important to take an approach that stems from what the child CAN do, not focus on what the child can’t do.

However, since it was mostly a get-to-know the patient meeting, that meant I had to go through the story of his birth again (randomly, I met with a friend this morning who didn’t know the complete story and told her about it, too). Therapist was happy that I had remembered so many details. I really liked her and Max was happy and playful.

Unlike the neurologist, she said she was happy to see him in at such an early age. She said she normally doesn’t see kids with such a high level of social aptitude until there much older – usually around 2. I guess it all depends where you’re coming from.

She gave us a couple of simple neck exercises to start with.

The specialist we had seen back in early December had stated that it was time for Max to move into a crib and out of the bassinet. The therapist agreed. She said its super important for Max to move as much as he can right now on his own. So if he wants to practice rolling over in the middle of the night, he should have more space to do it.

So now I guess its time to either move the crib out of Milan’s room into our room or bring up the pack-n-play. Why our room? Max has issues swallowing correctly so occasionally he chokes on his own saliva. There have been a handful of times (mostly when he’s had a cold – like now) that he really choked. He may have recovered easily without me there, but of course I have been there to pick him up and pat his back to make sure he can breathe okay.

The therapist said the pack-n-play would be sufficient but I’m kind of against using those on a daily basis. They’re not really meant for it and I know that I sleep better on a mattress rather than a floor. Milan slept a couple of hours more each night as soon as we moved him into the crib. I guess I kind of answered my own question didn’t I?!

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