Parchment paper or aluminum foil for the environment

I’ve been doing a lot of baking recently so I busted out the big roll of parchment paper that we’ve had sitting in our cabinet. We ran out of aluminum foil and I wondered if I could use parchment paper to line my pan. I was making Moussaka so using some sort of liner is a must. I really don’t understand why lasagna style pans of corners that accumulate a ton of crap, can’t they figure out a better way? Anyways, I digress. I thought about it and I couldn’t see any reason why using parchment paper instead of aluminum foil wouldn’t work. And guess what? It worked wonderfully! Even better than the aluminum foil that we normally use. There weren’t any tears (even the heavy duty aluminum foil always seems to get at least one tear in it).

Although I prefer not to use any extra disposable items, now since I’ve had kids, the time savings and sanity savings is really just too great. But this got me thinking about the environmental impact of using so much aluminum foil. So I wondered … parchment paper or aluminum foil which is better for the environment?
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After a quick search it became clear that parchment paper is the clear winner here.

  • The processing required for making aluminum foil, even recycled aluminum foil, is much greater than making parchment paper.
  • A recent study showed that aluminum leaches into the food when used at high temperatures. Definitely not good.
  • Aluminum use has been linked to Alzheimer’s. Another thing that is definitely not good.
  • If you buy unbleached parchment paper that is even better
  • If you buy parchment paper from sustainable sources that is a full knock out!

I also realized that I really need to buy the Silicone Baking Liners I’ve had on my Amazon wish list. If I use those for my baking needs I won’t even need parchment paper!

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One comment on “Parchment paper or aluminum foil for the environment
  1. Adam says:

    Hi! A couple comments:

    The “link” between aluminum foil and Alzheimer’s has been definitively disproven.

    Unfortunately parchment paper is just as bad for the environment. The manufacturing process uses sulfuric acid. It’s so bad, in fact, that they don’t even make it in the US anymore. It’s all imported from places with less strict environmental regulations.

    You’re right on the mark with your comment about reusable silicone liners. Those are the best by far!

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