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After my post yesterday, one of my friends made a comment to me that the Duggar’s use paper plates. WOW! If you don’t know who the Duggar’s are they are the family that is the focus of the TV show “19 Kids and Counting.”  They actually have 20 kids now.

So just think, every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner at least 22 paper plates are used! How many trees need to be cut down each year just so this family can eat off of paper plates and not do dishes? I admit, maybe if I had 20 children I would want to do some things to cut down on my own daily chores. BUT as a mom, I already have a problem with the amount of waste my little family creates… and we really don’t have that much in comparison to a lot of other families.

Paper plates and napkins are not used in our house. We have some in the garage for when we have a large party with kids. No matter how tired I might be, I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I could make the simple change of not using paper plates and napkins to help cut down on environmental waste. The Duggar’s are contributing to the environmental problems that they are leaving their children and grandchildren. I’m glad its on their conscience and not mine.

Anyways, I really like using real plates and cloth napkins. I feel like a grown up and every meal feels just a little more special. And besides, I save a lot of money, too!

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2 comments on “Paper Plates
  1. Scott says:

    I think that the time they save gives them more time to by things second hand which save much more money and as less impact on the environment than paper plates. They degrade overtime while much of what others buy new doesn’t. I think each family needs to decide for themselves as they are closest to the problems and so tend to have the best answers.

  2. Wendy says:

    If your only two choices are either use paper plates or buy things second hand, then yes, you’re probably right. However, we buy the majority of our items second hand and we don’t use paper plates. Besides my son’s stroller and car seat, all of the furniture and big items were all purchased second hand. I don’t think using paper plates and buying things second hand are an either/or scenario. But I must add, if I had so many children, I might opt for paper plates. But then again I probably wouldn’t.

    It is true that the plates biodegrade rather quickly, sometimes in your lap when you’re eating ;). People often overlook the other ecological impacts of products.

    • It takes quite a lot of water to make paper plates
    • Most paper plate packages are wrapped in plastic – a petroleum product
    • Transporting the paper plates takes quite a bit of fuel

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