Acne Confession

Recently I wrote about how my face broke out when we moved and that organic apple cider vinegar (ACV) was helping my acne get better. I did not lie in that article. The ACV was definitely helping.

I struggled with acne as a teen, then as a young adult. I was only able to get rid of it when I went on accutane. For the past (dare I say it) 10 years, I’ve enjoyed nice skin – with an occasional break out. While I was pregnant, I truly had the “glowing” skin everyone talks about. That was WONDERFUL!

However, I still have acne since we moved! WTF!? I’m totally at a loss as to what is going on. As of a week ago, I went back to the routine I had pre-move. It appeared to be working. I wasn’t getting any new pimples. That is until last night… my chin totally broke out again.

I’m going to keep up with my old skin routine for another week or so to see if maybe this most recent break out is just the tail end of the acne. I REALLY hope this is the end of it. As a new mom, I really don’t like to wear makeup every day – it just seems like a lot of work with little reward. I must admit, I’m rather embarrassed by the breakouts. I feel like an awkward teenager again.

Luckily, my son keeps me quite busy and I don’t have time to agonize over it. And it does help that both my husband and my son think I’m beautiful – with or without pimples!

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Milan is Cruising

Before Milan was crawling, I was very happy that he hadn’t figured out how to motor himself around without assistance. It made for an easier move and an easier transition into our new place.

Milan has totally mastered the crawling. He is an official speed racer at this point. For the past couple of months, he really hasn’t shown any real interest in walking. In fact, if you tried to hold his hands to have him walk, he’d just wiggle his way out so that he could crawl away as fast as he could.

Lately, he is definitely showing a real interest in motoring upright. He now grabs for my hands to help him navigate on his two little feet. Of course, I must hold my hands in a specific way and if I don’t, he lets me know.

This emerging independence is very delightful, much to my surprise. I’ve heard soooo many moms tell me about how hard it is and how much work it is when your kid starts to walk.

I don’t find this to be my experience at all. Maybe its because I let him crawl almost everywhere as it is – sometimes to other people’s horror. I had a mom scold me for letting my child crawl around the waiting area of a restaurant. Does she really think crawling around a public park is any cleaner? The restaurant area is probably cleaner considering they mop the floors on a regular basis. Besides, I wash his hands before he eats.

Anyways, back to the cruising…

Its fun watching Milan walk along one couch, get to the end, carefully steady himself and then grab on to the next couch. I also have realized that the safety gates and fences we have in our house serve another purpose… they help him walk around the room unassisted.

Yesterday, we went to the beach and he stood for a very long time by himself. I was so proud.

The day is coming where Milan will no longer need my hands and will take off running, after all, he is the ripe old age of 13 months. But for now, I’m thoroughly enjoying each opportunity to guide my little man through his journey.

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Plush Beauty Bar is awesome

I finally made my way over to Plush Beauty Bar today. It really is awesome if you have a kid or kids.

Several of the moms in my mommy group and I went and got services. The staff was amazing. Since they cater specifically to mothers and their children, I was actually able to be relaxed while I got my fabulous pedicure.

Although the staff is there to help out in “emergencies,” I do recommend going with another mom or moms. Its a good idea to have at least 1 mom ready to get any escapees from the children’s area or to go grab your child if they happen to have a meltdown while you are in the middle of your service.

I got my brows done and a pedicure. I love how my brows shape my face and my toesies look so cute in my sandals.

So if you’re in the Los Angeles area and you’re looking for a place to get your nails and/or waxing done AND you don’t really have anyone to watch your kid – this place is your answer!

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Hubby’s Birthday

For a birthday present, our dear friend volunteered to watch Milan for us on Saturday night. My friend and I have had numerous discussions about clutter and how much she abhors it. Since she is doing us the favor of babysitting for us, I thought the only appropriate thing to do would be to have a clean living room and kitchen for her so she didn’t feel overwhelmed like I do.

I struggle with work/baby balance. When I’m working a lot while he is awake (whether as a WAHM or SAHM) I feel like I’m not providing a rich, interesting environment for my son. Although, I don’t mind sweeping, dusting and doing laundry with him because he can help me. Those activities are good for him. But unpacking boxes (yes, we still have some boxes of random crap that need to be gone through) or filing papers are not activities that he likes nor give him any sort of enrichment. So, the boxes have stayed unpacked and the papers get stacked up waiting to be filed.

Friday night when he came home, I was a bit frazzled because I hadn’t been able to get as much work done as I had wanted to. When I’m feeling like this, I’m kind of a “B”! I was snapping at him and barking orders… just what a tired man wants to come home to after a long day at work, huh?

My husband normally works on Saturday, but he took this one off since it was his b-day. As we sat in our living room on Saturday morning discussing our plans for the day, we realized this was the first Saturday he had taken off since our vacation last October! When I asked him what he wanted to do, he looked at me and said “let’s clean!”

What? Did I hear him correctly? Oh, he’s joking!

“Haha, so what do you really want to do?” I replied. “Clean!” he said.

Apparently, the best birthday present he could have is a wife who doesn’t nag at him.

Our discussion helped him realize that I’ve been working 6 days a week, too! Besides a few random Sunday’s when I “made” him stay home and do things around the house, we go out and enjoy the day since its his only day off. But that means, I’m stuck living in a cluttered house 6 days a week!

I know that 4 years is a relatively short period of time. But even after 4 years, my husband still pleasantly surprises me!

After we cleaned the house, my friend came over and we had a wonderful evening… just the two of us – and no nagging!

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Hybrid Mom – Purse Dump Contest

Have you heard of Hybrid Mom? No, well its a really cool website for moms – “A community connecting moms on the things that matter most.” Its a lot like Baby Center, but I like it a little more (although I must admit, when you’re pregnant or just had a baby, Baby Center is really helpful).

Right now they’re having a contest to get a brand new bag! Here is the link to vote for me.  Just click on the arrow in the box under the title “It might be little but there’s a lot in there.” If you also enter the contest, post a comment with the link to vote for you and I’ll return the favor.

Hybrid Mom LogoContest Description taken directly from Hybrid Mom:

Contest runs from August 20, 2010 through September 3rd, 2010 6 p.m. EST

You never know what you might find in a mom’s handbag. And although the thought of baring the contents of the dark abyss known as your purse may seem more embarrassing than someone digging through your dresser drawers – it could win you a one of four brand new designer bags! Simply answer some questions and show us by taking a picture (optional but encouraged) of what’s inside your purse – the spare change, a Q-tip, a 1/4 PB&J, lipstick, a plastic dinosaur, everything! Our kids are ready for back to school with all new gear–ladies, it’s your turn! The top three entries that receive the most votes will win one of the coveted bags shown below.

Grand Prize Winner: Custom-design your own bag with B’s Purses, plus goodies from Card Cubby and The Key Fob.

1st Runner up: Harvey’s Original Seat Belt Bag, Card Cubby and The Key Fob.

2nd Runner up: A Radley London purse

Good luck!

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Facebook Fan Page

Lately, most of the web design work I’ve gotten has been to add a blog to an existing website. That means no real design work needs to be done. Having a baby has greatly changed my ability to whip out a design in a timely manner.

However, I must say, I’m really liking what I’ve got so far. I am looking forward to the day when I can launch the new website.

I did finally get around to creating a Fan Page on Facebook. So if you’re on Facebook, go on, make it official… you know you “like” me!

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Food Shopping with Friends

One of the moms from the mommy group (that I found on, her son, my son and I went to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. Both of us are avid farmer’s market consumers and this was our second trip together.

Right now the main reason we are going is to get avocados from the “avocado lady.” I just realized I don’t know the name of her stand but she has the most amazing avocados. Milan just loves them! As soon as he sees one he starts whining for it (yes, I know I need to stop him from whining, but he’s just so darn vocal). He eats it straight out of the shell – I just squeeze it for him so the avocado smushes out and he takes a bite!

He also goes nuts whenever he sees plums or peaches. He has one or the other nearly every day. So of course when we were at the market and I bought some plums, he started to go crazy until I gave him one. He ate that plum so fast I couldn’t believe it. I only got two bites – the first one to get it started for him and the last one to eat the little bit of plum flesh off of the seed. He’s turning into a little piggy, which if you saw his little skinny butt you’d be surprised at how much he eats.

After the farmer’s market we headed off to get some inexpensive meat and cheese at Jons in West Hollywood. I love this place. They have all kinds of ethnic foods, especially eastern european. My husband’s family is originally from Bulgaria so I picked up a bunch of random items from Bulgaria, like Bulgarian feta, Bulgarian beer and Bulgarian yogurt.

I’m totally looking forward to trying out some new meals this week!

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Walking, walking, bus and then more walking

Recently, I had some major maintenance on my car. Unfortunately, there was still a problem – its leaking oil – not good! I still like the shop I go to (Westcoast Tire & Service) and since they have a 100% guarantee on the work they do, it really wasn’t a big deal to take it back.

Usually when I drop off my car, I do it at night so my husband can drive me back home. Then when the car is ready, I take my dog, stroller & car seat and walk there to get it. The shop is a little less than 2 miles away so its a nice walk. Not too short, not too long.

But we didn’t have time to drop it off last night so today I drove my car to the mechanic and the three of us (Milan, Liberty and me) walked back – although technically, Milan just sat. When I got home and took my keys out of my pocket to open the door, I realized that I forgot to leave the car key – DOH!

So I made a yummy breakfast shake for me and Milan and then I headed to the computer to see about taking the bus. Luckily for me, I live in Los Angeles and has a handy-dandy trip planner. After we ate, I put Milan in my Ergo Baby Carrier, threw the diaper bag/backpack on my back and I took off for our little adventure.

We walked about 1/2 mile to the bus stop (I only wanted to take 1 bus instead of 2 so we had to walk farther to the stop). I got off on the stop before my stop cause I thought it was closer. I was wrong. So I walked another 1/2 mile to Westcoast Tire and Service. Then walked back another 1/2 mile because I wanted to take a look around Adventure 16 – its like REI.

There were so many things to look at. Milan had such a great time crawling around and playing with the camping pots and pans. You know he’s an official member of the Pots and Pans Rock-n-Roll band!

After perusing at all the fun things, we headed back to take the bus. Both bus trips were pretty uneventful. However, the bus driver almost took off when I was getting off my stop AND I learned that you need to push the doors open if you’re getting off at the back of the bus.

Then we walked back the 1/2 mile to our home. I must say, I’m really happy with my Ergo carrier. Its quick and easy to put Milan in and its really quite comfortable. Although, I must say, I’m still quite partial to my long piece of material that I use, too!

I’ve already walked about 4 miles today. Now I’m just waiting for the phone to ring so I can walk back another 2 miles to go pick up my car!

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Stop using Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo

While I was pregnant, I learned that the “tear free” ingredient in most baby shampoos and in particular, Johnson & Johnson, was a numbing agent. Basically, the baby doesn’t feel that his or her eyes are being burned by the other chemicals in the shampoo.

But now I just learned that Johnson & Johnson along with Walmart are being sued for selling TOXIC baby shampoo! WTF? I understand a company’s need to increase the bottom line, but why oh why do these companies feel it is okay to do it at the expense and health of its consumers.

Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and the Wal-Mart brand Equate Tearless Baby Wash are named in a class action lawsuit. They “allegedly” included methylene chloride in them. That chemical as been banned by the FDA because it is known to cause cancer. Think you’re safe with Target’s Night-time Bath and Body Wash? You might want to think twice. They’re being investigated too!

If you don’t know about the Environmental Working Group’s website “Skin Deep” cosmetic safety database you’ve got to go check it out.  You’d be amazed at how unsafe the majority of cosmetic products are.

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New Website Layout Coming Soon

I’m working on a new website layout right now. As much as I like the clean lines of the current one, it is not very reflective of what this website is all about. Don’t have a launch date yet (my little man is the determining factor). But I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Here is a preview of the new logo:

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