Pacifier: Update

So its been a few weeks since we introduced the pacifier to our DS and quite a few things have changed. In regards to the previous post, we didn’t stick to our original plan.

First off, we use the pacifier for more than naps and bed time. Our DS has such a fierce need to suck it just didn’t make sense to have him be so unhappy when the pacifier really does calm him down.  He uses it for pretty much all of his naps but we don’t use it for him to go to sleep at night.  If he falls asleep sucking on the pacifier, then he expects it to be there when he wakes up from his deep sleep.  Unfortunately, that almost never happens which means he’d cry until we’d replace it.  However, if he falls asleep without the pacifier, he goes right back to sleep when he wakes from his deep sleep (unless he’s hungry of course).

On a side note, there appeared to be quite a bit of nipple confusion after a week of pacifier use. The pacifier worked so well, that DS was quiet for longer periods of time and I was losing track of the time in between feedings.   By the time I sat down to feed him, he was so hungry that he was having a hard time at the breast.  Fortunately, all it took to correct the situation was one Saturday of no pacifier use.  He quickly adapted back to breast feeding and we haven’t had any problems now transitioning back and forth from breast to pacifier.

For the most part, we still don’t rush to put it back in and DS still doesn’t take it all the time.  Its good and bad.  Sometimes, it would be nice for my own sanity if he was highly adept at taking the pacifier.  But there is a piece of mind I get knowing that he isn’t crazy about it and if there is anything else around to entertain him, he’ll gladly leave the pacifier.

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