Outside Play for my toddler

I hurt my foot the other day – don’t know how, just know that it hurts – so I haven’t wanted to take my dog and son on long walks. Instead, I have been going outside of our apartment and sitting on the grass and letting my son crawl around on the grass and in the bushes while my dog plays. We live on a corner where one block is almost all apartments and the other block is all houses (except for our apartment and the apartment on the other corner).

So there are lots of neighbors walking by with their dogs. Its great for Liberty (our chihuahua/jack russell mix). A lot of the neighbors and their canine babies stop to play. In fact, Liberty has lots of friends in this neighborhood. One day, there were 12 dogs playing in the grass in front of our building. It was quite funny.

I always let Milan crawl around while we’re out there. His favorite place is to crawl over the pseudo rock fence (its made from resin) and sit behind some of the bushes. I think of it as his very own sandbox with plants. Most of the time he comes out covered in leaves. On occasion he has had a few bugs on him.

Anyways, my neighbors always comment on how great it is that I let him crawl around and have the freedom to explore his surroundings. It always makes me wonder why they’re commenting. Don’t other moms let their kids play in their yards? Or is it just because its an apartment building front yard? I have never seen any other moms and their young kids playing in any of the front yards… I see some older kids, but not little ones.

I try to take my son to the park every day so he gets some outdoorsy time. But when I don’t get a chance (like today), I find the park in front of our building to be just as delightful.

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