Our son is finally in his own room

Its official – Our lovely son is finally in his own room. Munchkin turned 1 year a couple of weeks ago so I finally felt he was ready for his own room (I think mommy just wasn’t ready to give up those precious moments she shared with her son in the middle of the night and early hours of the morning).

Yesterday I moved his crib while daddy was at work – go mommy! DS helped of course. He held the screwdriver, played with the big bolts (with supervision – of course), tested out the mattress while it was on the floor and unloaded the bottom crib drawer of all of its contents.

Last night, he went down fairly easy. I held him a little longer than usual to make sure he was extra sleepy before putting him down. He didn’t wake up until midnight. He usually wakes up between 10:30 and midnight anyways so it wasn’t surprising.

He went back to sleep fairly quickly. BUT he woke up 5 more times until 5:30. At 5:30 he was unconsolable. My hubby woke up and after about 15 minutes or so he just said “let’s bring him to bed.” Our son quickly started to drift off to sleep.

Unfortunately, my husband could not. So he got up to take a shower and of course, woke our son up. Luckily, daddy took Munchkin for a walk with our dog and then into the living room to play so mommy could get some much needed shut eye.

Within about an hour, Munchkin was fussing and incredibly tired. So daddy brought him back to sleepy mommy and we both slept until 10:30 am!

Right now, Munchkin went to sleep in his crib for his nap fairly easily… only about 1 minute of fuss-crying. Daddy’s taking a nap and our dog is taking a nap with daddy. That means mommy has time for herself -hurray! Of course, I’m using these few precious moments to update y’all!

I hope Munchkin sleeps longer tonight and maybe mommy won’t need to take a morning nap with baby.

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