Nipple Twister

I was talking to a fellow mom the other day about breastfeeding a toddler. Her son is just a few days younger than my son so its fun to compare notes. In my normal fashion of not holding anything back, I proceeded to tell her how my little munchkin will take his hand and circumnavigate through any piece of clothing I am wearing to find the other nipple. At which time he will pinch, twist and pull.  Fun times!

If I try to keep him from getting to my nipple he starts screaming. If you’ve ever heard my son scream, you’d know why it is not so easy to just let him cry. I usually cave in and let him twist away.

This does mean that I don’t breastfeed in public anymore. Which actually is okay with both of us. He’s so interested in everything going on around him now that getting him to sit quietly while I feed him is nearly impossible.

Anyways, as I heard the words coming out of mouth about this and my friend started laughing hysterically, I immediately cringed. I definitely was thinking this was TMI. However, my friend blurted out “my son does the same thing!”

I thought it was important to share this little tidbit with the world. Maybe there’s another mom out there and is concerned. So the next time your little one is trying to tune in Tokyo, you can laugh a little and know that you are not alone.

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