Night Wakings – Day 2

Around midnight, DS sat up straight because my husband and I woke him up (although he wasn’t really awake), replaced paci and put him down. Not sure if I mentioned it or not, but he’s still in our room. He wakes up so much and I haven’t been ready to let go (although, I think I’m just about ready).

2 am rolled around and he was crying – I recognized the “feed me” cry so I nursed him and put him back in his crib.

He didn’t wake up until almost 6:30 am or so (didn’t look at the clock but my husband got up and took a shower at that time – the alarm clock hadn’t gone off so it wasn’t 6:30 yet).

That was a great night!

Tonight I’m going to try and let him soothe himself on his own without any assistance from us. We have tried to see if he’d find his paci on his own before, but he’s usually so tired and cranky that he just sits there and cries and doesn’t even bother to look for it. The last time we let him try, we gave up after 15 minutes of him crying. Here’s hoping that he won’t need 15 minutes!

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