Naps are better again

When I last wrote, naptime had become a crazy challenge. I guess that is to be expected after a move. Well, two things have happened since I last wrote:

  1. We got on to more of a schedule again. I know I’ve read about it time and time again, but it is true – schedules do amazing things for babies. Now, our schedule is not rigid and is actually quite flexible. We just have certain activities follow other activities so when we need to venture off of our typical schedule, its easy to get back on track.
  2. We got our little munchkin a real crib with a real good mattress. What a difference this has made in his sleep – both at nap time and at bed time.

So, to sum things up: nap time is less of a headache. It does usually still consist of a few moments of tears, but they quickly go away (about 2 minutes) and my little one drifts off to sleep (although I must admit, some days, I indulge and let him sleep on me for his afternoon nap – I love that special time).

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