Nap time is a challenge… again


After the move, we had settled into quite a nice routine. One of my favorite things about the move had been that DS has been going down quite easily for a nap (quite easily = only about 10 minutes of fussing/crying).

However, my wonderful son has learned how to sit up on his own. With the emergence of this newest talent, nap time is once again a struggle. So now when ever we lay him down, he wants to practice sitting up. Which translates into: I put him down in his crib and leave the room, 2-5 minutes later he is crying uncontrollably, I enter the room and he is sitting up in his crib and can’t lay back down.

This little routine went on and on and on for about 2 hours before I gave up. I brought my tired and cranky baby back out into the living room to play.

After awhile we went for a walk, that’ll knock him out right? Nope! Of course not. We just moved so everything on our walk is new and exciting.

Finally around 4 pm I gave up and laid down with him so he’d finally get some sleep. It worked, but I fear that this marks the beginning of going backwards instead of forwards. I finally had gotten him able to go to sleep in his crib for a nap. (Previously, I had to lay down with him in our bed until he’d fall asleep)

Here’s to hoping that tomorrow is a better day.

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