My Delivery Story

I had this beautiful day all planned out in my mind.  For the most part, everything happened exactly how we ordered it:  labor began early Saturday morning, delivered baby by evening and my husband only had to take 1 day off of work before his mom came in town to help out. But the rest of it didn’t go exactly as planned.

At 5:30 am on a Saturday morning, I woke up to go to the bathroom and felt a very unusual sensation.  About 3 minutes later I felt the same thing.  After about 30 minutes and having 9 of these feelings, I woke my husband up.  We took our dog for a walk as we timed the contractions.  They were all no more than 4 minutes apart.  So we called my doctor and she said to come on in.

Once at the hospital, they hooked me up to the monitor and sure enough, I was in labor.  As I sat there in the hospital room, I realized that I didn’t get a chance to take a nice bath to relax, walk around, use the exercise ball or do any of the other myriad of things I had planned on doing to help the process along. After about an hour, they gave me an exam and it turned out my cervix hadn’t even started to tilt forward (talk about a painful pelvic exam).

Luckily, they let me walk around the hospital floor for about 20 minutes and then get hooked up to the monitors for 10 minutes – repeat, repeat, repeat.  Somewhere around the 6th hour, they didn’t let me get up and walk around cuz it seemed my DS’s heart rate kept dropping.  So for the next 2 ½ hours I had to stay in bed and on the monitor.  In fact, by the 8th hour I had to have an oxygen mask and could only lay on my left side. Any time I would turn to the other side or start to get up, his heart rate would plummet.  The nurse brought in the doctor and they told me they thought that the cord was wrapped around his neck.

Laboring on one side and not being able to walk around just wasn’t going to cut it.  Needless to say, my whole idea of doing it completely naturally went out the window about then and 9 hours into it, I got an epidural.  After the epi was in and all was good, they checked me again… I had only dilated to 5cm!  When I heard that, I was super happy I got the epi.

As it turned out, my labor sped up at that point.  Now I didn’t take the max amount of medication, in fact, I asked for the littlest amount possible so I could still feel everything.  By getting the epidural, my body was finally able to relax and I went from 5cm to 10 cm in 2½ hours.

Once I was fully dilated, I tried 2 pushes.  However, after the second push the doctor had me stop.  My DS’s heart rate was dropping so drastically that they were really concerned.  So they brought in a team of specialists to assist my DS when he came out (a respiratory specialist and another specialist, but I can’t remember now).

On my 3rd push, the doctor used the vacuum.  However, it popped right off in the middle of the push.  On the 4th push, when it looked like his head was going to go back in (it came out every time I pushed but went right back in as soon as I stopped), the doctor gave me an episiotomy.  Within seconds, my DS popped right out.

No need for anyone to clear his lungs out – he came out screaming and pooping – and completely healthy!  Turned out the umbilical cord was a bit short and that was what was causing his heart rate to drop.  So after a quick wrapping up in a blanket, he was ready to come to momma.

As they handed him to me, he gave me the bird.  All I could think was this little bundle of joy as started his life by pooping on/in me, screaming at the top of his lungs and flicking his mother off… great!  I just hope its not a sign of things to come!

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2 comments on “My Delivery Story
  1. Auntie Mo says:

    Oh My! What a litle man indeed!!!! How scary…. but everything turned out A-OK!!!!

  2. kelly says:

    very good story. i love how he came out giving you the bird!

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