Milestones: 2 months

Yesterday’s Post-Partum class topic was on milestones (I remembered when I saw an email talking about milestones).  Since my DS is not quite 3 months, I’ll be discussing the 2 month developmental milestones today.

  • Smiles – This is the big one!  I swear all the crying and lack of sleep becomes completely worth it when you see that little person look up at you and smile. Our DS had been doing the reflexive smile all along, so it was hard to tell if he was really smiling or just appeared to be smiling. Finally, one morning when I was changing him, his little serious face turned into a great big smile. My heart truly melted. This happened at week 7 for my DS. What a great day that was!
  • Tracks objects with his eyes – This has been a fun one.  We put a Tiny Love Classic Mobile over the changing table.  So our DS had started tracking by about week 4.
  • Makes noises other than crying-  This really started about a day or two after he started smiling.  The coos and gurgles are so freakin’ adorable.
  • May repeat vowel noises, such as “ah” or “ooh”- May is the word to pay attention to here.  About 1 out of 20 attempts, we get a repeat sound.
  • When on stomach, able to lift head almost 45 degrees – This is a definite.  I’m a firm believer in wearing your baby.  Our DS has been worn in a wrap every day since birth.  I think because he has to push back to get a look outside, he has built up his neck and back muscles very quickly.  In fact, he’s 2½ months old and has been able to hold his head up for a very long time (we still have our hand close… just in case)

Remember every baby is different and each baby will hit their milestones when they are ready.

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