Milan is Cruising

Before Milan was crawling, I was very happy that he hadn’t figured out how to motor himself around without assistance. It made for an easier move and an easier transition into our new place.

Milan has totally mastered the crawling. He is an official speed racer at this point. For the past couple of months, he really hasn’t shown any real interest in walking. In fact, if you tried to hold his hands to have him walk, he’d just wiggle his way out so that he could crawl away as fast as he could.

Lately, he is definitely showing a real interest in motoring upright. He now grabs for my hands to help him navigate on his two little feet. Of course, I must hold my hands in a specific way and if I don’t, he lets me know.

This emerging independence is very delightful, much to my surprise. I’ve heard soooo many moms tell me about how hard it is and how much work it is when your kid starts to walk.

I don’t find this to be my experience at all. Maybe its because I let him crawl almost everywhere as it is – sometimes to other people’s horror. I had a mom scold me for letting my child crawl around the waiting area of a restaurant. Does she really think crawling around a public park is any cleaner? The restaurant area is probably cleaner considering they mop the floors on a regular basis. Besides, I wash his hands before he eats.

Anyways, back to the cruising…

Its fun watching Milan walk along one couch, get to the end, carefully steady himself and then grab on to the next couch. I also have realized that the safety gates and fences we have in our house serve another purpose… they help him walk around the room unassisted.

Yesterday, we went to the beach and he stood for a very long time by himself. I was so proud.

The day is coming where Milan will no longer need my hands and will take off running, after all, he is the ripe old age of 13 months. But for now, I’m thoroughly enjoying each opportunity to guide my little man through his journey.

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