Magnesium for back pain and muscle cramps

(This was sitting in my drafts since Sept 8. 2009! Finally decided to finish this)

Many moons ago I was in a car accident and over time my spine became misaligned. Therefore, I have had major issues with sciatic nerve pain. And to top it off, I’ve always had issues with leg cramps. I’ve had such severe leg cramps before that I couldn’t put my full weight on my leg for a couple of days. Getting pregnant exasperated the situation until I learned about the benefits of magnesium.

You might remember from science class that your body needs calcium to contract a muscle and you may have heard that when you exercise you deplete your potassium levels. But most of us don’t know that your stores of magnesium get depleted, too.

Why is this important to know? Magnesium is required for muscles to relax. And to top things off if you are taking calcium supplements (like in prenatal vitamins) without increasing your magnesium intake you can actually deplete your magnesium stores even more. The prenatal vitamin I was taking did not have magnesium in it.

Luckily, there are a lot of foods that are really high in magnesium so its actually quite easy to get your requirement through your diet. Check out for a list of foods. Of course, you could always just have one of my favorite smoothies – almond butter banana shake!

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